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Veteran Lauren’s Story

“PA 2-1-1 Southwest helped me keep going when my world turned upside-down.”

Lauren was devastated when her mother passed away. They’d been very close, and Lauren’s mom had provided emotional and financial support so that Lauren could serve in the Air National Guard, work at a civilian job and go to nursing school, too. Now she had no transportation or funds, but she was determined to make her mother proud. She called PA

2-1-1 Southwest to ask about transportation assistance. The Resource Navigator connected Lauren to the United Way-supported VetNet Program, which gave her a bus pass. He also nominated Lauren for the local Progressive Keys to Progress® event, which donates refurbished vehicles to military families in need. Lauren was thrilled to learn that she’d won a car! She’s pursuing her dreams, with an angel on her shoulder and PA 2-1-1 Southwest at her fingertips.

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