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Veteran Alan’s Story

 ““It feels good to know that my service hasn’t been forgotten.”

Alan, 59, has been out of work since the last round of job cuts at the engine plant. His severance package cushioned the blow for a while, but he and his wife were scrambling to pay their bills, and missed two rent payments as a result.

Their landlord, a US Army Veteran like Alan, was sympathetic to their situation. Unfortunately, he could only afford to wait so long. “I knew I needed to pay soon, or my wife and I would lose our home,” Alan said.

Hoping to avoid eviction, Alan called PA 2-1-1 Southwest. The 2-1-1 Resource Navigator referred him to five local emergency services programs, including several that focus on serving veterans.

Alan was relieved to learn that he could apply for temporary help that he earned by serving his country. Eventually, he connected with Mercer County Veterans Affairs, who arranged to pay their back rent.

Alan is grateful for PA 2-1-1 Southwest. “PA 2-1-1 Southwest directed me to resources specifically for veterans like me,” he said.

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