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A Partnership with 2-1-1 That Works Both Ways

“If someone says they don’t know where else to turn, we tell them to call 2-1-1.”

The Fayette County Community Action Agency (FCCAA) helps Fayette County residents make ends meet after they’ve faced a trying time in their life. Some consider them the ‘go-to’ spot for finding assistance when needed.

“At our agency, we can help anyone from homelessness, people interested in buying a home, someone struggling with making a mortgage payment, seniors who need help, community members who can’t pay their utility bill – if someone comes in, we’ll try to help them,” said Rita Masi, director of customer service, FCCAA.

While the FCCAA offers a wide variety of programs to help people reach self-sufficiency, most of their referrals from 2-1-1 are related to housing needs, but many others with a variety of inquiries walk through their doors each day. Their partnership with PA 2-1-1 Southwest works both ways.

“If someone comes in with a question we can’t answer here, we go to 2-1-1’s website and make referrals from there for our clients,” Rita said.

In Fayette County alone, PA 2-1-1 Southwest received 465 calls from July 1 – Sept. 30, 81 of which were inquiries about rent and utility assistance. FCCAA works hard to raise awareness about their services and the availability of 2-1-1, so people in their community can find the help they need.

“We try to educate people about 2-1-1. We find that people will come in who have never heard of it. We make sure they know they can call if they have any question at all,” Rita said. “2-1-1 is so nice to have. When our doors close at 4:30 p.m., 2-1-1 is still there ready for your call.”

Learn about the FCCAA, a 2-1-1 partner agency, at www.fccaa.org.

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