Collaboration plays key role in keeping our neighbors warm this winter. - PA 2-1-1 Southwest, powered by United Way

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Collaboration plays key role in keeping our neighbors warm this winter.

More than 17% of last year’s calls to 2‐1‐1 occurred in February. As the temperature drops, energy bills are at their peak – and the need for assistance rises. Despite these challenges, there are many organizations working hard to keep the heat on.

This winter has already produced a number of frigid days. In order to help families in our community stay warm, collaboration among organizations is critical. We are constantly working hard to help local people maintain their heating service, and by partnering with great agencies, like PA 2‐1‐1 Southwest and Dollar Energy Fund, we are able to help more of our neighbors get the support they need and stay warm.

In 2017, PA 2‐1‐1 Southwest received nearly 6,000 contacts from local individuals who needed assistance paying for their gas service. At Peoples, our Safe Comfort Programs are available to make it easier for those customers to get assistance. We also support other programs that help local people reduce their energy usage and save money. By working together with others in the community, we can ensure our community members are safe and able to afford their utility bills.

We are thrilled to see the PA 2‐1‐1 Southwest call center move into the Dollar Energy Fund offices. As two of our biggest partners, we know this collaboration will help our customers in need get back on their feet and keep their homes warm for their families. It will also allow us to work more closely with both organizations and find innovative solutions to support local families who might have difficulty paying their gas bills.

When the three of us work together – PA 2‐1‐1 as the referral agent and convener, and Dollar Energy Fund and Peoples as assistance providers – we can ensure our community is safe and warm all winter…and all year round.

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