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Finding the right summer learning opportunity for every family

With summer quickly approaching, parents may find themselves wondering how they’ll keep their children busy and engaged over the break.

Between the end of the school year and start of the next, students are at a great risk of summer learning loss. Studies show that nearly two months of reading skills are lost over the summer, and almost three months of math skills are lost as well. Studies also show that students who read four to five books over the summer show positive results upon returning to school compared to those who did not read as much.

PA 2-1-1 Southwest and Peoples Natural Gas are committed to helping parents access educational opportunities for their kids over the summer months.

For summer childcare and programming, families can contact 2-1-1 and a resource navigator will connect them to United Way’s many partner agencies who have a variety of summer programming available — at either little or no cost. From arts to STEM to physical activity and everything in between, 2-1-1 can help connect parents to the right opportunity for their child.
While summer childcare and camps are important, it is equally important for kids to continue learning at home. At Peoples, we strive to help educate kids and parents on the safe and responsible use of energy. Our e-SMART kids program offers resources for parents to learn how to respond to indoor gas leaks and gas pipeline leaks, along with other household safety tips.

The e-SMART kids website,, offers an entire section of kids’ activities and games to teach them about gas safety, density, and how gas pipes work. All three games are interactive and encourage parents to sit down with their child and learn together. There are also gas safety tips parents can walk through with their child and resources to help answer questions.

Through Peoples’ e-SMART resources and 2-1-1’s resourceful access to summer programs and activities, we can help children in our community continue learning all through the summer, so they can be confident and excited to go back to school this fall.

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