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211 Featured Agency – Washington County DHS

Teaming up to change lives in Washington County

With the help of community organizations and partnerships, the Washington County Department of Human Services (DHS) acts as a vital resource for more than 10,000 community members every year. This agency is a lifeline for access to behavioral health, drug and alcohol, aging, homelessness, children and youth, transportation, food and medical assistance services for people across Washington County.

By working with PA 2-1-1 Southwest, the Washington County DHS is able to streamline their processes and help more people more efficiently.

“We strive to make entry into our systems as quick and easy as possible for Washington County residents,” said Jason Bercini, fiscal manager, Washington County DHS.

When a contact is referred to the Washington County DHS office from PA 2-1-1 Southwest, they’ll work together to determine what assistance is needed. Oftentimes, individuals are connected to the department’s many local partner agencies, unless it’s a service provided directly by the County.

For Washington County residents – and residents across the state – PA 2-1-1 Southwest has become a go-to resource for any individual who needs assistance. “It is easy to remember and free to call, so our residents can be connected to resources very quickly,” Jason explained.

The partnership has allowed the County to help make sure they are reaching local people to support them in being successful, safe and healthy.

“Getting residents the assistance they need, when they need it, can be the difference between life and death. We have to do everything we can to provide people with the assistance they need most,” Jason said. “PA 2-1-1 Southwest enables us to provide more efficient connections between consumers in need and the services available.” To learn more about the Washington County DHS, visit https://www.co.washington.pa.us/153/Human-Services.

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