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Service Provider Responsibilities

PA 2‑1‑1 Southwest is committed to accurately representing the programs in our database and the services they offer. To help us ensure those in need receive the most current, accurate, and appropriate referrals, we request the following from the service providers listed in our database:

1. Contact PA 2‑1‑1 Southwest whenever there are changes in your organization or programs (including temporary changes such as holiday office hours, temporary lack of funding or staff availability). You can contact us:

2. Review agency listing once a year, at minimum, to confirm information and make changes as needed.

3. Support PA 2‑1‑1 Southwest by telling your clients and community about this valuable resource. There are many ways to get the word out:

  • Print or request PA 2‑1‑1 Southwest materials for distribution to clients
  • Include a quick referral to our service or a link to our website in your newsletters, websites, etc.
    *Contact for logos, links, etc.
  • Talk to your clients and community partners about PA 2‑1‑1 Southwest and the services we offer

Schedule a visit with us or a presentation at your office to learn more, contact or 1-888-553-5778.